We, the 109th class of the Innocents Society, composed of diverse backgrounds and passions, will rely on our collective self to empower the University of Nebraska – Lincoln and its community.  We assume this responsibility to build upon the principles of the Society’s past while looking with a keen eye to the future.


We recognize academics as an essential tool for expanding and refining the limits of life.  As Innocents, we aim to promote the educational experience at the University as a means for progressively revealing each individual’s passions and talents.  We aspire to build an atmosphere of discovery and intellectual curiosity that transcends classroom walls.


We believe that the acquisition of knowledge leading to personal growth is best utilized when invested in others.  Thus, we will hold leadership in the highest esteem. Understanding that successful leaders are found throughout many organizations, we will recognize the equally deserving contributions of others on campus.


We will use our role as Innocents as a vehicle for positive social change through selfless service.  Grounded by humility, we will serve with character that is consistent with the values that form the basis of the Society.


We commit to this mission as a group and to one another as individuals.  Together, we hope to continue this uniquely Nebraskan tradition to make an impact that lasts beyond our time at the University. We will be guided by integrity, molded by accountability, and propelled by action.