The Corn Bowl

Corn Bowl Exchange

The Innocents Society of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and the President's Leadership Society (PLS) of the University of Iowa exchange the Corn Bowl at the annual Nebraska-Iowa football game.  The society from the winning school displays the trophy at its respective university until the next game.  The trophy's bowl is filled with the previous corn grown in the previous year's winning state.

Both Societies place a great deal of emphasis on serving their universities and communities.  As such, each society holds a blood drive competing to inspire its school to donate the most.  The winning school fills the Corn Bowl with its state's corn for the next year.  

Nebraska Wins Corn Bowl

Last year the 108th Class of the Innocents Society traveled to Iowa City, Iowa for the first time with the second year of the Corn Bowl Trophy Exchange.  The President's Leadership Society at the University of Iowa hosted the Innocents Society for the weekend. The University of Nebraska brought home the Corn Bowl after a 13-7 win over the Hawkeyes in Iowa City.  In addition the two groups organized a Blood Drive Competition Called "Blood Rivals Blood Drive".  The University of Nebraska also beat the University of Iowa as UNL raised 126 pints of blood for the Nebraska Community Blood Bank to Iowa's 42 for their local blood center.  Overall, it was a successful event in terms of competition, camaraderie and tradition. This year, the 109th Class of the Innocents Society will host the President's Leadership Society at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The "Blood Rivals Blood Drive" will take place November 20th and 21st.